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Clinic II of the Institute of Neurosurgery (Clinic of Subtentorial Neurooncology) was founded and began its activities in 1988 in the structure of the Department of Neurooncology. Narrow specialization at the Institute of Neurosurgery, available only in a few centers in the world, makes it possible to treat diseases of the posterior cranial fossa, cranial nerves, brain stem and other complex localizations at a high level.

Operations on the brainstem and the base of the skull are the most difficult in neurosurgery, and the experience of our specialists allows us to operate on other parts of the brain and we do not refuse these patients.

Every year, the specialists of the Clinic of Neurosurgery perform more than 500 operations at a high professional level using modern equipment. All operations are performed under a neurosurgical microscope with video recording of all surgical procedures, most of them using a neurosurgical endoscope, under intraoperative monitoring (24-channel InoMed), with a high-speed neurosurgical drill, with monitoring the depth of anesthesia.

Also, on the basis of the Clinic, the “Cabinet of Pain and Cranial Nerve Pathology“ has been operating for over 20 years. For the first time in Ukraine, microvascular decompression surgery for trigeminal neuralgia was performed by a Ukrainian neurosurgeon (Fedirko V.O.) in 1996, and since then we have saved more than 1000 patients from this suffering and from other syndromes of hyperactive cranial nerve dysfunction more than 300 people.

Clinic staff are active in research activities. Well-coordinated and effective work is carried out in the Unified Medical Space in close cooperation with adjacent clinics and departments of the Institute of Neurosurgery, other medical institutions in Ukraine, as well as foreign clinics. Our doctors are constantly improving their qualifications and professional level in order to always remain at the forefront of advanced medicine and provide the best neurosurgical care. The staff of the department underwent internship / study in leading clinics in London, Paris, Toronto, Hanover, Strasbourg, Edmonton, Istanbul, etc. (International Neuroscience Institute, Hannover; Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto; Atkinsom Morley’s Hospital, London, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton , Laribuasier, Salpetrie, Paris, Yuditepe University, Istanbul). The results of the clinic’s work were reported at European and World Congresses in Glasgow, Prague, Bratislava, Rome, Venice, Yokohama, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi, etc.

Institute of Neurosurgery. A.P. Romodanov Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine was established in 1950 as the heir to the Kiev Psychoneurological Institute, organized in 1927. Academician Arutyunov became the organizer of the institute. According to his plan, the institute was created as an integrated research institution.

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