Syringomyelia is a serious diagnosis. Normally, the spinal cord has a very thin central canal in which the cerebrospinal fluid circulates. When the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid is disturbed, and it accumulates in the specified channel due to compression at the level of the cranio-spinal junction. This leads to a downward propulsive motion and upward outflow disturbance, which ultimately leads to the formation of a cyst in the spinal cord.

This condition, called syringomyelia (hydromyelia), leads to dysfunction of the spinal cord and causes a variety of clinical manifestations (impaired strength and sensitivity in the arms and legs, the development of muscle atrophy, mainly in the hands, impaired small and precise movements in the fingers, the inability to hold small objects, pain, a feeling of “burning” in the interscapular region, disorders of statics and coordination, impaired defecation and urination).

In simple words, syringomyelia (from the Greek “syrinx” – pipe and “myelon” – spinal cord) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, in which cavities are formed in the substance of the spinal cord (sometimes in the medulla oblongata). True syringomyelia is associated with pathology of glial tissue, in other cases, the disease is a consequence of abnormalities of the cranio-vertebral junction. At the moment, the use of MRI of the spine has greatly facilitated the diagnosis of syringomyelia. In cases where MRI is not possible, then syringomyelitis cavities can be visualized using myelography.

Syringomyelia: causes of the disease

Syringomyelia is detected according to various sources from 10 to 65% of patients with grade 1 Chiari malformation. In some cases, CSF builds up in the ventricular system of the brain (hydrocephalus), which may require a shunt to be inserted to remove excess CSF. In addition, scoliosis and cranio-vertebral instability are found in 25% of patients with additional examination.

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