Forum-webinar “Outstanding dates of neurosurgery in Ukraine”
13-14 NOVEMBER / 2020
In the reporting period, research was carried out: “To investigate the effectiveness of surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia based on the analysis of long-term consequences.” All employees of the department took part in the implementation of scientific topics.
On the topic of the work, reports were made at the Neurosurgical Forum-Webinar “Outstanding Dates of Neurosurgery in Ukraine” on November 13-14, 2020; at the conference V Ukrainian winter neurosurgical ski meeting. Polyanytsya, Ukraine, February 27-29, 2020 with international participation, at the “International lecture hall for a practical doctor named after prof. Nikolay Fedorovich Danilevsky “Symposium of the Ukrainian Endodontic Society” Clinical Endodontics “27.11.2020.

The department staff continued their participation (department materials included) in an international study of long-term results of treatment of trigeminal neuralgia by microvascular decompression of the trigeminal nerve root (University of Munich, Germany). The department staff presented 6 reports, 4 of them at conferences with international participation.
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