Treatment of brain cavernoma

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More information about the diagnosis can be found at the link CAVERNOMA

The cavernoma of the brain is a chain, which can also be called cavernous angioma, hemangioma, and also, zagal, then new-foundations. In other words, it’s good-natured pukhlin, as it is built up from these fabrics, but in the middle of it there is a shelter or clots. Look at the blue colorah.

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The cause is unknown, it is believed that the cavernoma is inherited. Mostly cavernomas are a congenital phenomenon that occurs in the fetus at the stage of formation of cerebral vessels. In the future, they may not manifest themselves in a lifetime and can be in any part of the brain.
In the middle of such swelling, from lying down, a roof comes up, and if you start to grow or bleed, then the following symptoms appear:

  • headaches, as not to pass through the reception of the sick;
  • epileptic seizure;
  • destructive functions of swallowing;
  • convulsions;
  • problems with running and coordinating the movement;
  • bloating and boring;
  • numbness, paralysis;
  • speech and hearing disorders, ringing in the ears.
So it’s a key picture to lie in the fact that the brain was given a picture, the pathology was given.

Symptoms can be fatal in nature and safe for life (for example, because the angioma is small), but they can be fatally unsafe (as if it was bloodshot).

The cavernoma of the stovbur of the brain is especially seen. Whether it is sanctified in this day, it can be deadly, because life itself is important in the center of the atmosphere and the heart. Apparently, if a bunch of fluff is embossed on the center of the center, the dichotomy is stuck, and the heart is pinched – without the help of the neurosurgeon the patient will die.

Diagnostic methods:
(MRI) – the most practical and accurate method;
Angiography is not informative, to that її it is simply not meaningful;
Computed tomography (CT) is more accurate in this case, it is less difficult to get rid of it, if it is not possible to perform an MRI.
The cavities of the brain stem are treated by surgery. However, the decision to agree to the operation or not is made only when all the consequences of a decision are weighed. If the patient does not complain of health, and the cavernoma is discovered by accident (as is often the case), it may not be necessary to undergo surgery.
If there are repeated hemorrhages and epileptic seizures, there is a risk of severe neurological disorders, then surgery is indicated.
Prognosis after surgery
The prognosis of the operation is friendly, as a patient of ailments has recently been attacked by the court for a long time. It is just as important to de-roast the chubby, і as a sick person. As soon as there are changes in the speech in the brain, then the operation will not allow for epileptic attacks. For those who are sick, if the surgery is not a matter of soreness, or it is not without reason, they become stagnant (radiohirurgical), if they want to think about the problem of corysti, which is not ambiguous.
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Sholina Ksenia
4 years have passed, and our whole family remembers with the same trepidation the miracle that the dear Vladimir Olegovich did for us. When everyone refused, he took and saved my life ...
Bilda Valentyn
I would like to thank my savior, Fedirko Vladimir Olegovich and the entire team for the removal of subtentorial neurooncology. Separately, I thank my guardian angel, Oksana, who did not leave me, day and night.
Kutovaya Elena
Low bow to all the medical staff, especially Vladimir Olegovich Fedirko. In 2012, my mother was operated on with a diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia. We arrived in Kiev without even a referral and Vladimir Olegovich heard us and appointed the day of the operation.
Maltseva Victoria
Our family is truly grateful to Vladimirovich Olegovich and the entire team of the clinic for their professional work. Behind this familiar "thank you" is actually an ocean of our and my mother's hopes, worries, fears, sleepless nights ... We have never regretted our decision. Thank you.
Andriychuk Viktoria
Thanks for the golden hands and invaluable knowledge to Vladimir Olegovich Fedirko, as well as to the entire team of the clinic! After a successfully and professionally performed surgery in 2014, this year I became a mother!
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When applying to our clinic, it is desirable to have:

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