Treatment of neurinoma

Treatment of neurinoma


Neurinoma of the acoustic nerve, vestibular or acoustic schwannoma, neurinoma of the vestibulo-cochlear nerve. This is disease, the treatment of which our clinic specializes.

The neurinoma of the vestibulo-cochlear nerve is a tumor growing from the nerve responsible for hearing and balance. These tumors grow slowly. However, because of their location, they can couse extremely unfavorable complications . During growing, the tumor begins to cause hearing loss on the side of the location, noise and ringing, balance disorders and dizziness, paresis of facial nerve. In neglected cases, increases intracranial pressure and decreased vision (hydrocephalus is progressing).
Other nerves are also affected. Symptoms of distraction of other nerves are double vision, numbness or pain in the face, difficulty of swallowing and loss of voice.

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